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Activities on safari in Kenya


Activities on safari in Kenya


Activities on safari in Kenya FAQ

Activities on safari in Kenya


Activities on safari in Kenya

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Activities on Safari!

A vast majority of African safaris involve jumping off an airplane, climbing into a vehicle and driving huge distances over rough and rocky roads in search of the 'Big Five' animals.

Once the requisite number of photos has been taken, it's time to get out of the vehicle, jump back into the airplane and head home.

Instead of scratching the surface, why not explore and experience the real Africa while enjoying your favorite activities at the same time?

Whether you wish to scuba dive or mountain climb, white water raft or butterfly hunt, horseback ride, walk, camel trek or simply sun bathe, there is a place for you in East Africa.

Best of Kenya is proud to present a range of safaris that give you a true taste of Africa. Each personalized itinerary provides a unique insight into the natural beauty of Africa's landscapes, peoples and cultures.

With activities ranging from mountain climbing, bird watching, boat rides through crocodile infested waters, and photo-stalking elephant, there is something to satisfy everyone's yearning for adventure!

From four to eighty-four years old, whether a naturalist or anthropologist, photographer or simply an explorer, there is an endless variety of activities to experience in East Africa. Come and taste the real Africa; your memories will last forever!

For more information on any of these activities, click the links or the photos!

A few suggested safari activities

Game Walking is one of the best ways to experience big game country. Walking brings you as close as possible to the countryside.

A game walk at Galdessa Camp in Tsavo East

Safaris in Kenya are the ultimate adventure. Whether genteel luxury or straightforward camping, the wildlife and landscapes are unparrallelled worldwide.

Giraffe, frequently seen on safari.

Horse Safaris Ride out and share a ridge top with families of zebra as the sunrise paints the sky behind the mountain. Or arrive at a cattle boma (corral) in time to catch the early morning milking done in the traditional style.

Horse riding on safari.

Bird Watching There are over 1070 species of birds reliably recorded in Kenya! One of the more popular bird watching areas is Watamu, north of the Coastal city of Mombasa.

A lone birdwatcher on a walk in the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.

Butterflies Best of Kenya offers a range of Butterfly Safaris, which provide a unique opportunity to study Kenyan coastal butterflies while enjoying a relaxing beach holiday.

The gold banded forester - a Sokoke Forest species.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is especially good in Watamu, where the marine park and reserve has helped to prevent over-exploitation of marine life.

Clownfish like this can be seen both snorkelling and diving in Watamu, Kenya.

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