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A free newsletter from Kenya


A free newsletter from Kenya

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Our newsletter is like tales around the campfire.
Our newsletter is like tales around the campfire.

What are the three types of giraffe?
When is the best location and time of year to see the wildebeest migration?
Why do the Masai wear red?
What do termites taste like (do not attempt this at home!)?
Why does water swirl in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere?
How do you tell the difference between a real and a mock elephant charge (we recommend learning this one pronto!)?
What plant helps relieve arthritis?
What type of camera lens should you bring on safari?
What are the Big Five animals?
What clothes should you wear on safari?
What is considered offensive to the Samburu men?
How do you get here from there?

Melinda Rees, a local legend on East African trivia, has lived and traveled in East Africa for over 15 years and has a great sense of humor too! Her weekly ezine, Karibuni!, will help answer these questions and more! Her advice is free, so what do you have to lose?

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